Petty Pool Curriculum

Every learner at Petty Pool will have a rich and varied curriculum based on their aspirations, EHCP outcomes and individual abilities.

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“Our daughter has made great progress this year and loved the diversity of her lessons.”

“We are very happy with how our son has settled into his first year. His independence has improved a great deal thanks to the caring nature and hard work of the staff at Petty Pool.”

Supported internships are a structured study programme based primarily within an employment setting. They enable young people aged 16-24 with an Education, Health and Care plan to achieve sustainable paid employment by equipping them with the skills they need for work, through learning in the workplace. Supported internships are unpaid, and last for a minimum of six months. Wherever possible, they support the young person to move into paid employment at the end of the programme. 

The year-long programme is designed to support students with learning difficulties who wish to gain paid employment but require some additional support to do so. The intention is that students spend most of their time in the workplace, accessing college to develop Functional Skills and specific workplace qualifications if appropriate. 

Curriculum Entitlements

To compliment all of our pathways, learners also access the following sessions weekly to widen their curriculum and prepare them for adulthood. 

Learners develop basic skills to live more independently in the future. Learners develop practical skills and make decisions in using equipment to prepare basic meals, laundry and cleaning and generally learn how to maintain and run their own home. Learners can also take part in our travel training programme to understand how to become independent travellers. Learners will also develop skills to keep themselves safe online, learn about healthy relationships and access a cultural education.  

To help keep themselves physically and mentally fit and healthy, all learners will access the Healthy Lifestyle programme. This pathway is dedicated to teaching learners about fitness, health and nutrition as well as mental wellbeing. We have strong links with local sports and activity groups as well as partnerships with Chester FC and Warrington Wolves. Learners will also cover some of these topics; 

  • Healthy lifestyle 
  • Health and wellness  
  • Setting healthy goals  
  • Managing emotions 
  • Developing positive self esteem 

Learners will develop a holistic view of healthy living, by understanding the importance of how to lead, implement and monitor a healthy, active lifestyle. Learners will be supported to manage their own health as they move into adulthood. By managing physical activity, the learners are supported to improve their health through physical skills such as yoga, dance, football, boccia, and basketball. Learners are encouraged to embrace the benefits of health and fitness opportunities in their lives. 

Every Thursday afternoon, all students take part in a weekly Enrichment session, an opportunity for students to try different activities which they can also access in their leisure time. Students choose a different activity to join each half term. 

Enrichment activities include:  

  • Nature and Habitats  
  • Community Participation 
  • Sports 
  • Outdoor Expeditions 
  • Animal Therapy 
  • Cooking  
  • Music & Drama 

And many more…! 

Our weekly tutorial programme is designed to meet the individual and varied needs of our learners. It also aims to provide sessions that relate to equality & diversity issues, prevent & safeguarding initiatives, and the preparing for adulthood agenda of moving to employment, staying healthy, developing good relationships and independent living. Relationship and sex education (RSE) is also delivered as part of tutorial. This is done in a personalised way addressing the needs of the individual learner and focuses on creating and maintaining healthy relationships with family and peers. 

We utilise the Votes for School platform where learners are encouraged to look at issues that affect them and the world around them, linked closely to national and international awareness events, Prevent and Safeguarding. The voting platform enables us to see how learners have voted compared to the national picture as well as broken down by age and gender, giving a real insight into what they think and feel about a range of diverse issues. Votes for Schools works alongside influential bodies such as UK Government departments, police, media, celebrities, and charities who respond to the learners by showing them their voice is being heard. 

Learners can explore different employment options, such as supported internships, volunteering and apprenticeships, traineeships and enterprises. All learners have bespoke careers advice and information on the local job market. All learners participate in a minimum of one internal or external work placement on a regular (usually weekly) basis. An experienced team of coordinators support learners in the selection of appropriate work experience based on realistic work aspirations. 

Every learner will have an opportunity to develop their employability skills, this pathway will be delivered over a term for each year group allowing the curriculum to be personalised to the needs of each cohort. Our employability curriculum enables learners to develop the skills necessary for any working environment through fun and engaging activities, it will introduce the different elements of employability and gets learners to start thinking about their personality, their strengths, skills and how they can be applied in the workplace. Learners will also develop a better understanding of rights and responsibilities, health and safety and CV writing. 

Functional Maths and English at Petty Pool is embedded across all areas of the curriculum. This makes learning contextualised meaning that functional Skills are developed and practiced within all sessions to provide learners with essential knowledge, skills and understanding that will enable them to operate confidently, effectively, and independently in life and work. Our approach to teaching Functional Skills is holistic, targets are worked on in lessons, off-site visits and within the workplace, enabling learning to take place organically. 

On entry to the college, we assess each learner’s levels of Functional Skills. Learners then work on specific areas for development. Where a learner finds a particular element of the curriculum challenging or is not making expected progress, an intervention session may take place. This will provide small group or 1:1 teaching where learners will focus on a specific area or skill. Where appropriate, there is also an option to gain entry-level qualifications in functional skills, as appropriate to each learner’s ability and aspirations.