Course information

Animals and Environments involves a range of practical sessions to ensure students fully understand the concepts and techniques involved in meeting the welfare needs of the animals and their environment. This pathway brings together knowledge and understanding with practical and technical skills. Learners develop skills and knowledge through a combination of theory and hands-on practical work combined with links to outside agencies such as the RSPCA, Bidlea Farm and Pets at Home as well as caring for our animals that live on site. Animals and Environments also provides learners the opportunity to develop empathy, understanding and reflection skills.  

On the Animals and Environments pathway, learners will develop an understanding some of the following areas; 

  • Habitats 
  • Animal care 
  • The conservation of wild animals 
  • Food chains  
  • Life cycles 
  • Environmental factors

“I like cleaning the animals and I like healthy lifestyle classes.”

Learners will study a range of interesting topics including assisting with handling of animals, assisting with the set-up of animal accommodation, and assisting with the feeding and watering of a range of animals. As part of the study programme, all learners undertake work placements.  

Learners will participate in a range of work experience activities to develop and strengthen work ready skills, industry knowledge and understanding. Some examples of these are group work at Tatton Park Farm, Paw Pad Doggy Day Care & Grooming and Sandy Lane Equestrian Centre.  In addition to this, learners have worked with the RSPCA to help release foxes into the wild, and a range of projects with the Forestry Commission.