Building skills

Having a career is not just about “getting a job”. It is about how we help you to build all of those skills you are going to need for the future. Things like teamwork, communication, decision making, self-esteem and confidence. These are all really important skills to have as you move into your adult life.

Study Programme

College life revolves around these areas. We try to meet your needs as an individual whatever your ideas are about getting a job. We make sure you access the most appropriate Study Programme and work on all the skills you will need. You will meet people who might give you job in the future, or let you try out that job, we will arrange visits to places where people work within the local community, and you will take part in work experience within your curriculum area throughout your time at Petty Pool.

We’re here to help you

We have a team of people called the Employment and Transitions Team, who will help you with all of these things. They will help you to think about different types of jobs, how you will get to work, who will support you, and lots of other things too.

Here are some useful websites to help you to start to think about careers and what you might like to do into the future.

If you want any more information about careers please contact us using the details below:

Careers Lead– Linda Walker:
or call 01606 889097