Enrichment Opportunities At Petty Pool

Petty Pool learners arrive at college with a wide range of skills, talents and interests. Our varied enrichment programme builds on these capabilities as well as introducing new activities and opportunities.

We work with specialist practitioners to offer:

  • Drama
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award
  • John Muir Award
  • Music
  • E-Gaming
  • Animal therapy

Any many more opportunities…


Incorporating enrichment activities into a student’s routine contributes to holistic development, preparing them for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Our enrichment activities offer learners numerous benefits including:

Diverse Skill Development – Engaging in various activities enhances a range of skills, from critical thinking to creativity and communication.

Expanded Interests – Exposure to different activities can help students discover new passions and interests beyond their regular academic subjects

Confidence – Successfully participating in enrichment activities builds confidence and self-esteem, as students see tangible results from their efforts.

Enhanced Social Skills – Group activities promote teamwork and communication, helping students develop strong interpersonal skills.

Stress Reduction – Participating in activities they enjoy can serve as a stress-reliever, promoting overall mental well-being.

Cultural Awareness – Exposure to diverse activities can foster cultural awareness and an appreciation for different perspectives.

Long-Term Impact – Experiences can shape learners’ attitudes toward lifelong learning, encouraging a curiosity that extends beyond the classroom.


At Petty Pool we offer a wide range of accessible sporting opportunities so that every learner can find something they enjoy and feel the benefits to their health, wellbeing and self esteem.

One of the highlights is the Natspec Games which we hosted in 2023. The event brings learners from different specialist colleges to take part in events ranging from track and field to wheelchair basketball.

We partner with organisations including:

  • Cheshire FA
  • Parkrun
  • Pan Disability Football League


Learner Voice

Learner rights and autonomy are actively championed at Petty Pool. At the heart of this is our Learner Voice Council, which consists of two reps from each class who are elected by their peers.

Representatives of the Learner Voice Council take part in the national Natspec Student Parliament to discuss issues such as accessibility and inclusion.

Petty Pool learners’ are also involved in Down Syndrome Cheshire’s #ichoose project to give their views and opinions on the Down Syndrome Act which are fed back to Parliament and influence national policy.