Course information

Our Hospitality and Catering pathway covers various aspects of the industry, including customer service, culinary skills, and event management.

In Hospitality & Catering, learners will develop the skills, knowledge and behaviours to progress into the industry through paid employment, supported employment or volunteering. Students will learn about food preparation, menu planning, hygiene standards, and effective communication with customers.

Learners will gain a wide range of skills, from vegetable preparation, baking, cleaning, food safety, hygiene, housekeeping, service the chalets and communal areas and laundry. Learners will work in the college kitchen preparing food and drinks for the college learners, staff and visitors from the Outdoor Education Centre.

“My son is gaining lots of experience in his area of study and in other subjects that he is involved in. He enjoys college and seems genuinely happy at Petty Pool.”

Practical experience in a kitchen or service setting is a key component, helping learners develop hands-on skills. Additionally, this pathway delves into the business side of the hospitality sector. Overall, this pathway equips individuals with a well-rounded skill set for success in the dynamic field of hospitality and catering.