Corporate support

Petty Pool would not be able to offer its exceptional specialist educational provision without the continued support from businesses. Partnering with businesses is vital to ensure we continue to provide young people at Petty Pool with the best facilities and life experiences possible.

Corporate involvement is a fantastic way to share skills, network, learn new skills and team-build – all while doing some amazing work to really benefit young people at Petty Pool.

Become a charity partner

Donations to Petty Pool are vital to our on-going success. Individuals or groups interested in supporting us, be it a sponsored run, cake-bake, internship or voluntary work – every gesture makes a real difference. 

A tour round Petty Pool led by our students is the best way to see how your support really makes a difference. To arrange a visit, please contact us.

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Rotary Club

We’re privileged to work in partnership with the Rotary Club, a nationwide charity of individuals who volunteer their time, talents, professional skills and energy to improving the lives of people in the local community and around the world.

We also host the annual Rotary Youth Leaders Award, at which chosen teenagers from across the North West, are sponsored to attend a course designed by us, aimed at developing skills based on leadership, communication and cooperation.

Many of the young people who attend our Rotary-funded events and summer camps live in urban environments, with limited resources or opportunities to explore nature in the countryside.

Corporate volunteering days

Give your employees an opportunity to spend a day team-building as well as really making a difference. With a large site of 40 acres, we always need teams to undertake maintenance and gardening.

Benefits to your business:

  • Introduce opportunities for personal growth and fulfilment for employees
  • Support your local community
  • Team-building activities 
  • Great local PR

“We’ve been privileged to work in partnership with Petty Pool College for ten years, encouraging our staff to give up some of their time, and roll up their sleeves on-site with whatever jobs need doing.

“It’s a great opportunity for teams to work together and compliment the fantastic work that takes place at Petty Pool, and we would highly recommend other organisations get involved. Our staff derive immense satisfaction from volunteering, but also enjoy the amazing facilities of the Outdoor Centre, which is great for team building and leadership training days.

“The national average for young adults with learning difficulties getting paid work after they leave school is just 7%. Petty Pool achieves around 32% of students transitioning into the work place. If we can contribute in a small way to its continued success, that’s a great thing.”

Shaun Bonner / Knutsford Barclays

If you are a local business looking to get involved please get in touch

We’d love to discuss partnership opportunities