Our Vision – ‘Achieving Excellence’

Our vision is to achieve excellence. At Petty Pool, students feel that their views and experiences are encouraged, valued, respected, and most importantly, acted upon to shape services that meet their needs. We strive to empower our students and ensure the skills they acquire can be used in all elements of their lives.

Mission Statement

Petty Pool College aims to provide every learner with an effective and enjoyable educational experience that empowers them to reach their full potential

Our students are at the heart of all we do, and staff work hard every day to achieve our student-friendly mission statement of ‘happy learners’. 

Our Values

Petty Pool Vocational College considers the following to be essential elements of effective provision:

  • A calm, supportive and welcoming learning environment

  • Appreciating all stakeholders and their unique contribution to our success

  • High quality teaching and a curriculum designed to accommodate and respond to the ever-changing needs of the individual

  • Striving to continuously develop and improve what we do

  • A holistic approach where all aspects of personal development are addressed be they academic, vocational, social or emotional

  • An emphasis on the continuity of learning and transference of skills acquired to the home and other areas of students’ lives

  • A commitment to ensure the health, wellbeing, safety, security, enjoyment and happiness of all students and work in partnership with other professionals to facilitate this where necessary

  • A culture that promotes independence, equality, inclusion, the rights of the individual and respect for all

“Our primary objective of education into employment and associated ethos of individual empowerment instils into every learner a strong work ethic which takes young people from passive recipients of services into active contributors to the workforce, their local communities and wider society. It is so gratifying to witness individuals of all abilities learn that they can and will hold down a job.”

NICOLA COLENSO / Director of Student Services