Petty Pool Plus is launched

Petty Pool Plus is our new service open to young people with learning disabilities outside education, funded via personalised budgets. This additional offer to Petty Pool will see young people accessing additional support on an intensive basis to look at:

  • Additional training and support to enter employment
  • Independent living including independent travel training
  • Community activities
  • Holidays and short breaks

We currently offer provision on a Friday where young people can join in a range of activities.If you are interested in coming along and finding out more, please contact Bex on 01606 889097

Petty Pool Plus at half term

In partnership with Seashells, and with funding provided by the Westminster Foundation, 12 young people aged 16-20 took part in a week-long residential.

The programme focused on some team and confidence building activities using our outdoor facilities and activities, led by our staff team. The young people had the option to participate on a three-day, two-night residential at our centre. As well as getting involved in a range of activities which explored the young people’s confidence and personal and social development, it also enhanced their independent living skills. The young people also decided on menus and planning of meals, and were supported in all elements of their own personal care, including making their own beds.

Finally, the residential included the young people planning a family fun day, where they invited family, carers and friends to participate in a range of activities at the centre.