Our new greenhouse!

Gabrielle Ash, a Cheshire-based company which has been constructing greenhouses for over 70 years, has kindly offered to replace our on-site greenhouse used by our Horticulture department.

Students will be involved in planning, and have already designed what they would like in the greenhouse. We are looking forward to visiting Gabrielle Ash to see how the greenhouses are made before it is delivered.

Petty Pool Chief Executive, Jayne Wilson said:

“Our current greenhouse is old and badly needs replacing. The offer from Gabrielle Ash is incredibly generous, especially their willingness to involve our students in the design of the structure. This has been on our wish-list for such a long time, but the cost of replacing it was astronomical.”

Horticulture Tutor, Mike Cook said:

“Working with Gabrielle Ash is wonderful. Not only are we looking to replace our greenhouse, we are also want a log burner installed in one of the sections. This will enable us to extend the growing season and our students to grow house plants as well as a wider variety of vegetables. We will also be able to link our Conservation course and Woodland Management elements – with students collecting wood for the stove.”

Gabrielle Ash Managing Director, Di Limam said: 

“We are delighted to be working alongside Petty Pool and to provide one of our greenhouses to help develop and enhance the skills and lives of the young people they educate.”