Our New Build in Progress! Part 2

Petty Pool Vocational College is at an exciting stage of its development! We have been fundraising to expand to a ‘new build’ with extra classrooms, a new farm and new reception area.

Here is a rundown of what we are aiming to achieve!:

Project Summary

We need to extend and increase our classrooms. This new, tailor made facility will have a significant positive impact on the success of our students. The building is designed with our students’ sensory needs, mobility requirements and general wellbeing in mind, we intend to build a new facility at the entrance of our existing site and it will consist of:

♦ Three new classrooms: enabling us to relocate some of our current classes and increase capacity.

♦ Brand new work experiences opportunities: a fully accessible reception area will enable students to work in this environment, welcoming visitors and answering enquires, as well as offering in house office experience due to a more accessible, effective and spacious work environment.

♦ Effective and modern learning environment: which will offer students easy access to advanced technology and software which will be used as an additional learning tool.

♦ A tailor-made learning environment: the building is designed to create a calm and effective learning environment, particularly for our students with sensory needs.

♦ A new animal care teaching facility: will replace our current ‘small animal’ stable block. This will create a facility which will not only be accommodation for the animals but a suitable learning environment for our students.


Stage 2 – ‘The Groundwork’


Here is a timelapse of the second stage of development – Floors are put in for our brand new building and It’s starting to take shape!

We’ll keep you posted on the development as it develops!